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Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hello potential readers of my new blog.*

 I'm hoping to use this space as a place to collect and muse on new ideas for maths teaching. Akin to a magpie, I'm looking for shiny new ideas that will:

-> Make lessons more engaging
-> Help provide real life examples
-> Reduce planning and preparation time!
-> Help my students gain a deeper level of understanding and appreciation of mathematics

I've always found it helpful to write things down, so I'll use this blog to reflect on things that I've done in lessons, but I'm most interested in other people's resources and ideas. I'll collect and share links and examples of anything I think is useful.


The MM

*Hmmm. Writing this post in the belief that someone might actually read it is starting to feel a bit naive. In fact, it feels a lot like shouting "hello" down a big hole in the ground on the off chance that someone from Australia might reply and start an interesting conversation. I'm hoping that only one of these events has a probability of 0.


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