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Saturday, 26 January 2013

One Slide, Lots of Questions: Shape

This is an idea that I've cultivated since listening to the wonderful Jim Smith (AKA the lazy teacher)

He pointed out that a lot of time and effort is spent making resources that only last 5 minutes. The challenge is to create a resource that will generate lots of discussion / questions / reflections.

I'm going to try and build up a collection of these sorts of slides so here is one to get me started.

 Angles, Area and Shapes revision for y11

What did y11 have to say? Here is a summary:

  • They're all different colours (there's always one)
  • How to calculate the interior and exterior angles of each shape
  • The formula for the sum of the interior angles of any regular polygon
  • What was meant by the word regular
  • How to calculate the area and perimeter (including breaking the hexagon into 2 trapeziums)
  • The fact that they were all enlargements but there was no centre of enlargement
  • How many lines of symmetry each shape had
  • The order of rotational symmetry

Ok ok - so they had some hints from me! But it was an incredibly useful revision aid and took me about 2 minutes to make. It was certainly better than writing out loads of questions to get them to think of the same material.

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